OHK (One Hit Kill) Boss Cheat)

This cheat make the world bosses level 1 so you can kill them easily with 1 hit. This cheat is good for low level ninjas who can’t solo a boss. You no longer need to recruit friends or NPCs.


  1. Fiddler
  2. SWF File By Hasbi

How to use Fiddler to cheat Easter Ninja Saga 2012 :

1. Download and install Fiddler if you don’t have one. Download the SWF File.
2. Run Fiddler>Click AutoResponder and Drag the SWF File.
3. Tick the “Enable automatic responses ” and “unmatched requests passthrough “
4. Clear Cache (Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete).
5. Open Ninja Saga > Go to Hunting House.
6. Kill all the Bosses.